Fidelity Navigator

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The Fidelity Navigator newsletter has been specifically designed for investors with mutual fund holdings at Fidelity Investments. The newsletter was begun in 2001 to offer a viable alternative to other publications available that only gave information on one fund family such Fidelity. Additionally, it gives valuable information on all Fidelity Funds and all choices in the Fidelity Variable Annuities. However, unlike other “Fidelity-specific” newsletters that you’ll find, the Fidelity Navigator also analyzes and ranks all of the 1,100 no-load, no-transaction fee funds available to Fidelity account holders through the FundsNetwork®.

To us, and to tens of thousands of subscribers, including all funds available to Fidelity account holders (in addition to Fidelity funds) only makes sense. In some cases there may be a better mutual fund alternative to a Fidelity fund. Or, a particular area or sector of the market may not be adequately represented by a Fidelity fund and for diversification purposes it may make sense to consider other fund families.

Best of all, all of the non-Fidelity funds in the newsletter are available without transaction fees or loads (some Fidelity funds such as Select® funds, do charge loads and/or fees). Utilizing both the best Fidelity and non-Fidelity funds has allowed the Navigator to achieve the outstanding performance summarized above.