Value Line Special Situations Service, The

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Finding small- and mid-cap equities with big upside potential is the driving force behind The Value Line Special Situations Service.

You receive one Aggressive and one Conservative/ income-oriented stock recommendation every month, no matter whether the market is rising, flat, or falling.

Our world-class analyst team searches through a continuous stream of annual and interim reports, prospectuses, SEC filings, press releases and performance indicators to find exceptional smaller stocks.

If you’re an aggressive investor, you’ll use Special Situations to find companies with the potential to reward you with exceptionally strong earnings growth in the coming three to five years. While our Aggressive portfolio stocks are likely to involve higher risk, our analysts believe the potential upside outweighs the risks.

If you’re a Conservative or income-oriented investor, you’ll use Special Situations to identify stocks with stable operations, healthy income potential, income sustainability and, in some cases, turnaround potential. These conservative equities can range from out-of-favor but financially strong companies to inherently conservative options like utilities.