Fidelity Investor

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Monthly issues of the award-winning newsletter, Fidelity Investor, delivered to your mailbox and available at Each issue contains Jim Lowell’s expert advice on the Fidelity family of funds and the latest information on today’s market, plus his monthly best buys.
•Weekly emailed hotlines with timely advice delivered directly to your inbox. Each week, Jim keeps you in touch with his latest research and market analysis so that you’re never investing alone–plus, he’ll also share any new opportunities he sees on the horizon.
•Special email alerts to keep you up-to-date on current market conditions, especially during times of volatility.
•Performance updates on his 5 Fidelity Model Portfolios, all smartly balanced and diversified. The portfolios range from Global Quant, Aggressive Growth, Income, Growth & Income, and Growth — each one designed to guide mutual fund investors based on the level of risk with which they are comfortable.
•Quarterly review of over 100 401(k) plans — Jim regularly reviews plans submitted by subscribers. His analysis can help you navigate the laundry-list of funds found in your own 401(k) plan.
•Exclusive fund manager interviews and appearances in the monthly issues.
•24-hour access to our member-only website from your tablet or smartphone, where you’ll find past online issues of the newsletter and hotlines, as well as Jim’s model portfolios.