No-Load Mutual Fund Selections & Timing

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Where we select and time about 800 no-load funds and ETFs. We divide them into Equity, Hybrid, and Bond classes and then place them into styles according to their objectives, such as small cap. large cap, international, bond objectives, and more. We then determine their risk-adjusted, relative performance to come up with a C or Comet ranking (Comet not star because like comets, funds come into and out of prominence; stars are stationary and fixed).

We rank the funds by C to provide you with the top 5%, the next 15%, middle 60%, lower 15%, and bottom 5%. Our goal is to provide consistent, long-term performance. To do this, we evolve, picking funds from the top 5% and holding them as long as the fund remains in the top 20% (first 5% plus next 15%). When it drops out of the top 20%, we sell and reenter into a top 5% fund. Additionally, to reduce risk and improve returns over time, we provide market (stock, bond, gold) timing.

It is a powerful combination of selecting and timing. It is a way to stay with the market leaders and avoid the market laggards over time. We call it evolution! The Hulbert Financial Digests rates us number 1 out of all letters he tracks for risk-adjusted performance over the last 20 years through 12/31/13.

We provide four portfolios (Aggressive Growth, Growth, Balanced, and Income) in the Newsletter.

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