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Here’s just a sample of your benefits as a Canadian Edge subscriber:

– Unlimited Access to Our Research. We monitor 153 high-yielding Canadian stocks and income trusts, and put the strongest into our two portfolios. And in every new issue, you’ll get a “high-yield pick of the month.” This guarantees you a steady stream of cash cows most investors will never hear about.
– Flash Alerts. We’ll alert you whenever a political or market event affects our investments, and pass along our action plan.
– Battle-Tested Safety Ratings. Every month we run our picks through our proprietary safety-ranking system. It’s a powerful algorithm based on 6 crucial factors, including payout ratio, debt-to-asset ratio, recession resistance and three others that we keep confidential.
– Live Chats. Every month we get online for a live informal chat. Shoot us a question or just drop by and listen in on what other subscribers are asking about.
– Currency Tracker. Toronto Stock Exchange quotes are converted into U.S. dollars so you can calculate your profits quickly and easily
– “How They Rate” Intelligence. Here’s where we rate the 153 high-yielding trusts and corporations we consider appropriate for U.S. investors. If you want the big picture on a stock that’s not in our portfolios, here’s where to look. You get the current dividend for each; its safety rating; a buy, sell or hold recommendation; plus our quick-hit commentary.
– Two Custom Portfolios—Aggressive and Conservative. No matter what type of investor you are, you’ll find an investment that fits your needs. You can also track your actual holdings and link them directly to Toronto Exchange quotes with our exclusive live feed (converted into U.S. dollars for you). You always know where you stand.
– Maple Leaf Memo Premium. This weekly briefing updates you with late-breaking news, insight and analysis about the Canadian political and financial landscape. Yours free as a Canadian Edge subscriber.