Sector Navigator

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The Sector Navigator newsletter was launched in 2002 to provide an economical way for investors to utilize our proprietary trading system without having to pay a percentage of their assets to use the model.

Previously, this trading system had only been available to money management clients who paid as much 2% of their assets to be invested in the model. This is the same exact model. The only difference is that changes will not be automatically be made for you; you must do these yourself.

The model involves a greater than average level of risk and is recommended for the portion of a portfolio designated as aggressive. Because of the frequency and timing of trades, we recommend that this model be used in tax-deferred accounts.

The proprietary model allocation strategy utilizes our proprietary analysis/rankings to select the top sector investments and rotates sectors based on momentum and relative strength indicators. It is designed to capitalize on short-term trading opportunities present in the various sectors of the market.

Utilizing this system has allowed us to achieve the outstanding performance summarized above.