Superstock Investor

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Superstock Investor was specifically designed to help you capitalize on mega-trends like the coming technology, energy and manufacturing booms.

1. You get to profit on the biggest economic Boom in the last 60 years! Right now there are three powerful forces converging that could propel the Dow to 30,000 or higher … the last time we saw a market like this it had the power to hand investors gains of up to 22,000%!

2. You get to boost your returns 8 -times higher than the S&P … Over the last seven years our proprietary ratings system has outperformed the S&P by over 8-to-1 in our Morning Matters Portfolio. From April of 2008 this portfolio is up 1008% And remember that’s without using futures or options …

3. You can collect thousands in extra profits each and every month from the new wave of blue-chip stocks: We’ve uncovered a unique investment that could hand you between $100 and $1,000 in instant income … without touching stocks … and without waiting months to collect dividends. In fact, you can collect this income in as little as five minutes!

4. You get huge upside potential from IPOs. We’re about to see a rush of groundbreaking new technologies … which in turn is going to propel a new wave of IPOs across the market. You can easily see 100% … 200% … even 400% profits in less than a year.

5. You get well-defined downside risk: Our proprietary Investor Stock Scorecard ensures we’re investing in undervalued stocks … and our “Alpha Intelligence” Indicator is designed to ensure we never try to catch a falling knife.

6. You’re protected from market crashes! Our market crash indicator will tell you when pullbacks are coming so you grab the profit potential on the downside … plus it is designed to tell you when a major market crash is coming so you can get out of dodge!

7. You’ll get Superstock Investor briefings and trade alerts: Geoff sends them instantly any time of day to your inbox or mobile device, and then posts them to your members-only website. That way you won’t miss a single profit opportunity!

8. You get our Superstock Investor trading manual: A few minutes after you join, you’ll receive a welcome email that shows you how to download your Superstock Investor Trading Manual with everything from our big-picture outlook to the nitty-gritty on placing orders.

9. You get access to our proprietary ratings model. As a valued member of Superstock Investor, you’ll get the opportunity to run 10 free rating reports a month on any stocks you choose!

10. You get our 100% Money-Back Guarantee: Use Superstock Investor to go for all the profits you like for the next 60 days. You must be thrilled with your profits or cancel for a full refund. Plus, if you change your mind later on, you can cancel at any time for a refund on the remaining portion of your membership.

You take absolutely no risk by test-driving today, but you stand to reap rich rewards.

11. Your savings are locked in for the life of your membership. When your membership is about to expire, we will notify you ahead of time and then automatically charge your credit card for the same, deep-discounted rate, unless you tell us not to. This way, you never get billed for something you don’t want … you never risk missing an issue … and you lock in these huge savings for as long as you remain a member.

Plus, you’ll have direct access to our professional customer service representatives through dedicated phone and e-mail channels. While they can’t give individual trading advice, they’ll help you find fast answers to your questions about this service and the trades James recommends.