Stock Selections & Timing

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Where we search for investing value with an elephant gun approach. We attempt to identify the stocks with the widest spread between their intrinsic value and their market price. We then accumulate.

We also recognize that stocks fluctuate. Buy low and sell high. With our weekly Stock Selections & Timing newsletter, we also intend to take advantage of that. We use a combination of technical and fundamental analysis to bring you our best stock selections and timing.

We monitor about 9,000 stocks, looking for special situations with proprietary screening tools and techniques with the goal of finding the companies with the widest discount between their market cap and intrinsic value to a strategic buyer. This growth portfolio takes a rifle approach with concentrated holdings, rather than a shotgun approach.

The weekly eletter is posted every Monday by 2:05pm cst with pricing updates through the previous Friday.

Recommendations and changes may also be emailed to subscribers at any time between issues.