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Our service now includes a new ETF Dividend & Income Strategy. As baby boomers retire, more and more investors are moving from the “accumulation” stage to the “distribution” phase of investing. In other words, they need to live off the income from their portfolio.The proliferation of new ETFs now makes building such a portfolio from ETFs feasible. However, with more than 300 dividend and income exchange traded products to choose from, you must exercise care when building a sound diversified portfolio that meets your objectives.There are three major risks many investors overlook when embarking on a dividend investing plan. First, the most popular dividend mutual funds and ETFs do not pay enough dividends to meet even the first year goal of most investors (extracting 4% income). Second, dividends are not guaranteed – they can be (and have been) reduced. Third, since the portfolio is 100% invested in stocks, it can be very volatile.I’ve designed the All Star ETF Dividend & Income Strategy to overcome these and other problems with the pure dividend approach. I’ve kept the best aspects of the dividend methodology and coupled them with the tried & true risk management techniques of total return investing.