Cash Machine

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Bryan Perry’s Cash Machine is all about combing the hundreds of income-generating ideas that are available to invest in and crafting a portfolio that will pay a reliable stream of income even during the worst of times. Market volatility will wreak havoc with day-to-day valuations, but if the business or underlying assets that generate the income are fundamentally sound, then we know with confidence that the cash flow from our model portfolio won’t be radically interrupted during uncertain times.

To achieve this goal, Bryan takes a two-tiered approach toward high-income markets. He believes this approach serves a much wider audience of risk-averse income investors, especially in uncertain times, while still providing the ultra-high-yield strategies in which Cash Machine is rooted.

The two-tiered approach involves publishing two lists of income securities. The Aggressive High-Yield Portfolio focuses on high-yield, higher-risk investments paying yields of 10% to 20%. The Conservative High-Yield Portfolio focuses on high-yield, lower-risk investments paying out dividend yields of 5% to 10%. Each portfolio is targeted to have no more than 20 to 25 picks. The goal is to have a blended total yield of 10% between the two portfolios.