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The Little Black Book of Options Secrets

How powerful can investing with options be?

Since January 2013, investors following Chris Versace’s options trades had the opportunity to score 15 triple digit winners and 18 double digit winners.

(The highest win was a staggering 957% gain.)

Of course, if making money trading options were easy, every investor would be doing it.

That’s why it’s absolutely crucial to understand exactly how options work.

There’s no better guide for learning options… than The Little Black Book of Options Secrets.


11 Dividend ETFs to Own Right Now

If you’re an income investor looking for consistent dividends, this is the single-most important report you can own today. It was written by Doug Fabian, an income and growth expert with more than 35 years’ experience in helping individual investors like you make money in any market.

In his new report, Doug shares his 11 favorite exchange traded funds (ETFs) offering you the safest AND highest yields in the market today (ranging from 7% up to 15%).


Top 15 Stocks for 2015

This report contains the 15 Must-Have stocks to buy now. These five world-renowned advisors are giving you the best plays in all of the hot sectors. Sign-up NOW for Energy plays, Tech plays, Commodity plays and more!